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NEXUS Names Delphi as its Supplier of the Year

NEXUS recognizes the disruptive and innovative impacts of joint developments with Delphi Technologies.


Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, a brand of BorgWarner Inc., has been awarded Supplier of the Year by NEXUS Automotive International as a testament to their successful collaboration and shared global vision for a better aftermarket.


With the Supplier of the Year award, NEXUS recognizes the disruptive and innovative impacts of joint developments with Delphi Technologies, such as initiatives like investment in the Smart Mobility Venture Capital Fund Mobilion.

According to NEXUS, the award confirms the importance of their fast-growing partnership, recognizing service excellence across all geographies and the importance of collaboration in the aftermarket as business shifts toward electrification and digitalization. Delphi Technologies and NEXUS are building on today’s business success by laying the foundations for more sustainable and accessible practices through new initiatives, and addressing the training and skills gap in the industry to prepare NEXUS members all over the world for the next-generation of vehicles coming into the aftermarket.


Neil Fryer, vice president and general manager, Global Aftermarket, stated, “We are truly honored to be the recipients of this award. Great achievements come from the relationships we surround ourselves with, and our ongoing partnership with NEXUS is a hallmark of collaborative success.”

He continued, “We share a bold vision for the aftermarket, working to prepare for what is coming next. We are aligned with NEXUS in their ambition to make that journey more accessible to all markets, current and emerging, by creating a more connected and educated network through new initiatives and action.”

Gaël Escribe, NEXUS’ CEO, added: “We are very proud to award Delphi Technologies Aftermarket with the title of Supplier of the Year, marking years of successful collaboration and many more to come, all the more that Nexus shares similar values with Delphi Technologies including innovation and agility.”


The award was presented at the NEXUS Business Forum 2022, which took place March 8-10 in Vienna.



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