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AAM Group To Host ‘The Event 2020’

The new digital event from The AAM Group runs Nov. 30-Dec. 12.


The AAM Group has announced The Event 2020, an all-new virtual trade show that will provide automotive resellers and installers an opportunity to learn about the hottest new products for Jeeps, trucks and the off-road market. Participants also will be able to vote on the top new products in multiple categories as well as see the exclusive launch of multiple custom vehicles from the top vehicle builders.


The Event 2020 will introduce new products in a variety of categories across the 13 days of the show. Each product category will have its own unique landing page that begins with an introductory video and is followed by individual deep-dive product spotlight videos, vehicle build features, and a ballot to allow the buyers to vote for their favorite products and vehicles. The votes will be used to hand out awards for the top products in each category as well as the top products of the show.

New product prospecting for distributors, resellers and installers will be built into every product category page. Each deep dive video and project vehicle spotlight will include links to product landing pages with more information about the new product and include communication tools to enable buyers to chat directly or leave a message for the warehouse.


More information about the event will be released soon including a list of participating manufacturers and vehicle builders, an event schedule, and the custom vehicles that will make their debut at the event.  The Event 2020 is currently set to take place from November 30–December 12, 2020 and inquiries can be sent to [email protected]. Interested buyers can also sign up for credentials here



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