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New TreadReader Provides Enhanced Tire Measurements

The new Total Shop Solutions TreadReader handheld mobile scanner does not require an internet connection.


The new Total Shop Solutions (TSS) TreadReader handheld mobile scanner does not require an internet connection to perform a complete tire scan. 

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“Our new TreadReader handheld scanner is a rugged, compact and lightweight mobile device that can help shops provide thorough tire inspection services with reliable accuracy,” said Leandro Camargo, product manager for Snap-on. “With a simple push of the device across the tread, detailed 3D images will show users an accurate reading of the tire tread, allowing them to identify service needs and opportunities.”

Using the TSS TreadReader is a simple three-step process: just enter the license plate or VIN number of the vehicle, scan each tire and then view the scan details. The user-friendly TreadReader mobile app also provides instructional guidance for the user throughout the scanning process. When the scan is complete, a summary screen is presented, showing 3D details of the scanned tires, including accurate tread depth and information about the tire’s condition.

TreadReader is designed to precisely measure tires when they are dirty and ignore anomalies, such as wear bars or stones, that could lead to false readings. It is ideal for all tire inspection applications in workshops, service centers, inspection lanes, vehicle depots, mobile tire fitters and roadside inspections, and it can be used in open areas or a confined workshop environment. TreadReader provides a scan report for readings of one to six tires and can read tires on passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks and utility trailers. 


All readings are saved to the TreadManager cloud software and are available to view when a connection to the internet is made. Multiple results can be stored until there is a connection. Through TreadManager, customizable reports can be printed or sent to customers via email, providing a complete view of the scan details with images of tires and color-coded graphic tread reading illustrations.

TreadManager reports contain clear results that easily identify any unusual wear patterns caused by wheel misalignment or suspension issues, as well as the need for tire replacement. A cloud-based data management platform, TreadManager provides data storage and integration with a shop’s workshop system for a seamless shop solution. It displays all scanned data in a simple and organized way for easy technician analysis. 

Customers can learn more about the TSS TreadReader at or by calling 800-251-4500.



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