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New Total Power Steering Solution From Plews & Edelmann

The Edelmann Elite Program features all-new and 100% tested hard parts eliminate warranty issues and core headaches.


Plews & Edelmann, a leading manufacturer and marketer of power steering components, hoses, automotive fittings and turbo oil lines, now offers the new Edelmann Elite Total Solution power steering program as a one-stop resource for all power steering parts requirements. This new program features all new rack & pinion assemblies, pumps and gear boxes, plus an advanced, patent-pending filter, and the market’s first premium, high performance power steering hose line, the company says.

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The Edelmann Elite power steering program is designed to eliminate a wide range of warranty issues and inventory headaches, while helping to improve the reliability and durability of power steering system service and repair. Tony Edwards, vice president of business development, noted, “The total solution that Plews & Edelmann provides is one of a kind. No other supplier in North America offers the full range of power steering components we do. In an industry plagued with high warranty rates and reliability issues, we have introduced a line engineered to meet or exceed OE performance and reliability. And we are a true, one-stop resource for all of our customers’ power steering needs.”


All-New OE-Quality Hard Parts

Edelmann Elite power steering racks, pumps and gear boxes are 100% new parts, built on Plews & Edelmann’s proprietary tooling platform. No reused, renewed or remanufactured components are used in any of the assemblies, and every part is 100% tested. Built to outperform remanufactured parts, Edelmann Elite parts have been engineered to not only eliminate common failures seen in the OE parts, but also to improve on the original design and incorporate any OE revisions and enhancements, the company says.

To eliminate warranty and fraud issues, every Edelmann Elite hard part is etched with a Designated Numeric Asset (DNA) identification number that matches a test inspection report, which verifies its authenticity and quality. This unique numeric ID makes it easier for distributors and wholesalers to avoid warranty hassles caused by unqualified claims, fraudulent parts swaps, and untraceable returns.


Shipping damage has long been a problem when sourcing power steering racks, according to Plews & Edelmann. To combat this issue, every Edelmann Elite power steering rack is delivered in part-specific, custom-molded packaging that protects against damage.

Evan Bauer, director of business development, added, “Plews & Edelmann offers the entire market a clear path to reduced warranties, happy customers, and improved profits.  The total solution we offer is the ideal answer to the problem of high aftermarket warranty claims, and we back our Edelmann Elite parts with a 100 year / 1-million-mile warranty.”

One Filter SKU Covers More Than 99% VIO

The new Edelmann Elite Power Steering Filter uses advanced Dual Filtration Technology that prevents contamination and delivers high-capacity flow. It features a patent pending design that covers over 99% of vehicles in operation with just one SKU. Every filter comes with easily interchangeable 3/8”, 1/2”, and 5/8” connectors providing the size needed for a proper fit in almost any application. This also helps reduce inventory requirements and parts returns due to incorrect sizing.


Engineered For Heavy Use And Extreme Temps

Edelmann Elite High Performance Power Steering Hoses set the performance bar for fit, form, and function in heavy use and an extreme range of operating temperatures. Incorporating advanced engineering and an enhanced rubber formulation, Edelmann Elite hoses feature outstanding impulse durability and are highly resistant to oil, heat, and ozone. All fittings are crimped with a double bead lock to prevent leakage and heat/abrasion shields are used to prevent contact with engines and high vibration areas. Overall application coverage exceeds 130 million VIO.

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