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New PFC Packaging Hitting The Shelves Soon

The company partnered with Supply One to produce the new design and improve the overall recyclability of its packaging.


PFC has announced it will unveil new product packaging for PFC brakes, pads and rotor boxes in the coming weeks and months.


The company says the new modern and sleek design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; the new boxes will have less of an impact on the environment. The new graphics are printed directly onto the cardboard eliminating materials such as laminates, glue and excessive ink, PFC says. 

The company recently partnered with Supply One to produce this new design and to improve the overall recyclability of PFC packing materials plant-wide. 

“Just like our copper-free friction, we would like our packaging to have minimal to zero impact on the environment, which includes removing harmful material such as foam, and dramatically reducing the need for excessive paper or plastics. And don’t worry, the quality of our products inside these boxes will not be changing. NO COMPROMISES,” PFC stated in the announcement.



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