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New Nonprofit Organization Gains The Racing Industry’s Attention

Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation made its big debut at the 2019 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show on Dec. 12-14 in Indianapolis. The Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation team went into PRI hoping to spread word of the organization’s recent launch and shape connections with passionate industry leaders who can help the nonprofit build its desert racing team and Class 7100 Unlimited Trophy Truck.  

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“At PRI we were able to make strong connections with the public and with several manufacturers,” said Executive Director Preston Lewis. “We had a very strong positive response from everyone. Overall, I think we made valuable connections that will continue to grow over time and offer us many benefits.”

Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation held a press conference at the PRI Show on Friday where Lewis was commended for his natural ability to speak and connect with the audience. Lewis’ story and the organization’s mission to provide young people with hands-on experience in off-road racing gained the attention of numerous local and national news channels including Indianapolis’ WishTV Network and THE SHOP Magazine. Lewis connected with many industry influencers and manufacturers at the event and was able to acquire several donated parts for the team’s trophy truck.

While obtaining parts for the trophy truck build remains a priority for Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation, the team has turned its sights on the launch of its capital campaign. In 2020, the organization’s fundraising goal is $250,000. These funds will be used to cover operational costs, payroll, travel expenses, youth initiatives and more.


To help the organization with its capital campaign and parts acquisition, contact Preston Lewis at [email protected]. To learn more about the organization and its mission, visit



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