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New ANSED High-Definition Digital Video Scope Kits

The DVSK-60ART is the most in demand video scope kit, high-definition digital.



ANSED Diagnostic Solutions introduces the world’s first and smallest models of digital video scopes with full high-definition resolution.

The DVSK-45DC is the most versatile small diameter high-definition digital video scope kit. Comes with the 4.5mm diameter dual camera imaging probe, allowing the user to view forward and side views with just a flick of a button, without the need for a mirror or multiple probes to do the same job.

The DVSK-60ART is the most in demand video scope kit, high-definition digital. The 6mm diameter Articulation imaging probe lets the user look back up to 180°. Great for any engine work.      


Imaging probes available individually to fit the digital monitor, and a 3.9mm imaging probe also is available separately.

One of the most practical applications for flexible video scopes is to monitor, capture and inspect hard to reach spaces and cavities. The proper video scope will assist technicians and mechanics in effectively inspecting and recording visual remote inspection of parts that are typically difficult to reach.

Important applications include inspection in the inside of the engine including camshaft, fuel nozzles, diesel injectors, glow plug ports, brake systems, catalytic converter tubes, AC and evaporator systems, behind the instrument panel, behind and under the dashboard and body panels.



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