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Multi Parts Supply Announces First Significant Corporate Rebrand

Global aftermarket auto parts supplier updates brand collateral for first time in the company’s 25-year history.


JUPITER, Fla. – Multi Parts Supply (MPS) announced that the company recently underwent the first significant corporate rebrand in its nearly
25-year history. The rebrand centers on the new tagline and brand theme: "Opportunity. The Sum of Our Parts."
The company says the rebrand was motivated by MPS’ desire to distinguish its brand and better reflect its singular focus as a developer and manufacturer of aftermarket auto parts for full-line manufacturers and their leading global brands. The new brand and associated collateral communicates the corporate philosophy and illustrates what MPS defines as its key differentiators: culture, people, facilities, process, products, and quality.
Commenting on the rebrand, President Brian Cohn stated, “Early in our history it was important for people to recognize our global capability and operations. While this message is still vital to the MPS brand story, over time it has become more critical that our industry recognize what benefit MPS represents.”
Cohn continued, “We dug deep to get at the heart of what we bring our customer and supplier partners.  The clear answer was and is opportunity. The sum of our efforts is focused on bringing them opportunity.”  
The final component in the corporate rebrand is the MPS website. The company says its rebranded MPS website will be rolled out globally by the end of 2012. Multiple language versions of the rebranded website are also slated for 2013.

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