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MPA Subsidiary Orders Grow As OEMs Accelerate EV Programs

D&V Electronics recently received two orders valued at more than $2 million for global manufacturers in China and Europe.


Motorcar Parts of America (MPA) has announced its wholly owned subsidiary D&V Electronics recently received two orders valued at more than $2 million for advanced power hardware-in-the-loop testbed (p-HIL) and inverter test systems from global electric vehicle manufacturers in China and Europe. Additional terms were not disclosed. 

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“These orders continue a series of meaningful wins with major automotive and transportation companies that are focused on vehicle and aviation electrification. We are excited to further our successful relationships in this space and appreciate the confidence in our power hardware-in-the-loop technology represented by these orders. We look forward to future opportunities to demonstrate our cutting-edge capabilities, expand partnerships and work with global transportation leaders,” said Selwyn Joffe, chairman, president and CEO. 

The p-HIL test systems will be used in the design and performance validation process for development of electric vehicle drivetrain components by customers in China and Europe. The test systems include real-time simulation and modeling from Opal-RT to electronically emulate high-speed, high-power electric motors and high-voltage battery packs for drivetrain component testing. 


“We have made significant strides in the integration of our innovative emulator technology with Opal-RT’s leading edge real-time simulation and modeling capability to offer the most advanced and flexible test solutions for companies leading the vehicle electrification movement. Not only are we integral in the development of green transport solutions, but we also minimize environmental impact by providing the most efficient test capability in the market today,” said David Eddy, general manager of D&V Electronics USA.