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Motovicity Rolls Out New Customer-Focused Website

The features of the new site offer options such as being fully PCI compliant and accepting PayPal, and an “Online wallet” that allows the management of payments in real time.


Motovicity Distribution has officially launched its new B2B e-commerce website. Incorporating many features to provide a more insightful and simplified online shopping experience, Motovicity says it continues to progress toward establishing a new standard with its “Better Than Direct” customer relations initiative.


Customers now get all the digital manufacturer catalogs and documents, price files, complementary product info, and more on the website. The new site has been upgraded to be:

  • Fully PCI compliant and accepting PayPal
  • An “Online wallet” that allows the management of payments in real time
  • The opportunity to suggest a product currently not carried

The pride of Motovicity also is strewn throughout the new site, according to the company, bringing the knowledge of its ASE-certified sales team directly to the customer 24/7. The new site also features a product search, which includes not only information on the part being shopped, but also showcases:

  • What other customers bought when purchasing the product they’re considering
  • How to recommend helpful changes and additions to product information, such as images, specs, UPCs, descriptions and applications
  • The ability for the customer to be notified when an item is on sale

With more than 180 brands in stock, Motovicity says it understands the importance of supplying a comprehensive product portfolio, which is why it has developed the brand pages. When searching by brand, customers also will have access to quick links for the manufacturer being browsed.