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Mobil 1 Annual Protection ’20K Road Trip’ Clocks Final Mile At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

To celebrate mile 20,000 at the final pit stop, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and Robin Miller will share unbelievable Indianapolis Motor Speedway stories live-streamed online.


ExxonMobil announced that the 95-day cross-country Mobil 1 20K Road Trip will conclude on Friday, Sept. 7 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). The 20K Road Trip, which began on June 4 at the ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Technology Center in Paulsboro, New Jersey, and touched 48 states, while experiencing a variety of climates, altitudes, elevations and driving styles, was launched to demonstrate the level of protection Mobil 1 Annual Protection offers for engines of all vehicle types, promising 20,000 miles on a single oil change.


To celebrate the end of the historic road trip, NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Jarrett, NASCAR analyst Kyle Petty and Stewart-Haas Racing driver Clint Bowyer will sit down with motorsports journalist Robin Miller to share their own unbelievable yet true stories from their time at the historic Brickyard 400. This unique gathering will be streamed live from the Mobil 1 Facebook page starting at 5:30 p.m. CT.

“Some of the things I’ve seen, or been a part of, while racing at IMS have been too ridiculous for anyone to believe,” said Jarrett. “I’m happy to share those stories and also celebrate this equally unbelievable and impressive Mobil 1 Annual Protection milestone.”


At the final pit stop, Bowyer will assist in pulling the final oil samples from the two vehicles that made the 20,000-mile trek. The cars will then return to ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Technology Center for inspection and testing to demonstrate Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil provides engine protection for 20,000 miles.

“I am very familiar with the care ExxonMobil engineers take to ensure our cars have top-of-the-line technology,” said Bowyer. “To have a vehicle drive 20,000 miles on a single oil change is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to be a part of this historic event.”

The 20K Road Trip featured pit stops every 5,000 miles for testing in Sonoma and Los Angeles, California; Atlanta and now, Indianapolis. At Sonoma Raceway, NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and comedian Casey Webb teamed up to pull the first oil sample of the road trip, as well as surprise fans with free Mobil 1 Annual Protection oil changes. In Los Angeles, NBA superstar and Mobil 1 brand spokesperson Anthony Davis sat down with gaming influencers Rooster Teeth to virtually experience the 20K Road Trip route using Ubisoft’s new racing video game “The Crew 2.”


For more information on the Mobil 1 Annual Protection 20K Road Trip, visit, or follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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