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Mitchell Releases Latest Edition of Industry Trends Report

Study shows that vehicle age, type and origin determine paint refinish processes and procedures, as newer cars and foreign nameplates require more estimate hours.

Mitchell Releases Latest Edition of Industry Trends Report

Feature article offers insight into helping repairers access critical information needed to accurately estimate and safely repair today's complex vehicles.

Mitchell Releases Latest Edition of Industry Trends Report

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Mitchell International has released the first quarter 2011 edition of its Industry Trends Report (ITR) — the company’s quarterly publication that highlights industry-related trends, news items and statistics.

This edition’s Quarterly Feature, "Paint by Numbers: A Deep Dive Into Refinish Data," by Mitchell’s Vice President of Industry Relations Greg Horn, explores whether all vehicles are treated equally in the refinish process by comprehensively examining refinish data for one year of appraisals, comparing vehicle age, type and origin.

Mitchell says the aim of this analysis of paint refinish data is to identify significant differences in average paint blend and masking for overspray hours in estimates, rather than to advocate or refute any OEM refinish procedure or recommendation. Every damaged vehicle is unique, and the proper repair procedure must be done on an individual basis, the company states.

"Contrary to what you might think, recent Mitchell data shows that older vehicles — surprisingly including larger trucks and SUVs — may receive lower hourly additional paint operations compared to newer cars, newer being one-year-old or less in this case. In contrast, these new vehicles, again those 1-year-old and less, may require more blend time than a 2-year-old vehicle," said Horn.

Horn added, "There is a good reason behind these differences in paint refinish estimate hours. Larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks feature ample panels with enough area to allow shops to effectively blend the base color within the damaged panel.

"Our study also took country of origin vehicle mix into account to determine paint refinish hours. In estimates where blending was specified, we found that when we compared blend times by vehicle country of origin, age and type, we saw higher blend hours for European and Asian nameplates compared to U.S. manufactured vehicles — including estimates where masking for overspray was specified."

The complete Industry Trends Report can be downloaded in PDF format by visiting

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SAN DIEGO – Mitchell International has released the first quarter 2009 edition of its Industry Trends Report (ITR) — the company’s quarterly publication that highlights industry-related trends, news items and statistics.

This edition’s Quarterly Feature, "The Time has Come for the Mitchell Information Center," by Mitchell’s Vice President of Industry Relations, Greg Horn, discusses the challenge faced by repairers in an environment where vehicle construction, equipment and repairs grow more complex with each model year. In such an environment, insurance appraisers and collision repair technicians alike need to quickly and easily access the information that will give them the ability to accurately estimate and safely repair increasingly complex vehicles.

"The most accurate and up-to-date repair data is critical," said Horn. "Today, even the most basic repairs can require manufacturer specific instructions and parts. Yet obtaining detailed how-to instructions is complex, time consuming and costly—as is ordering correct parts for the job at hand. Without an easy, effective way to address the repair information deficit there is a substantial liability risk for repairers when proper repair procedures are not followed, as well as potential loss in customer satisfaction."

Added Horn, "The growing number of hybrids on the road today is just one example of how the collision repair environment is constantly changing and at the same time creating corresponding pressure for repairers who need to keep pace with the demands of the increasing technology found on today’s vehicles. And hybrids are full of these challenges."

"Many leading hybrid automakers now use advanced safety technologies, and since this special equipment is present in more of today’s vehicles, it is increasingly appearing in collision repair shops. As part of our efforts to support the collision repair community with the latest in estimating and repair technologies, we developed Mitchell Information Center, which is the solution that helps bridge the data gap for repairers by giving them a single, easily accessed source for critical repair information."

Other valuable points of interest in the current issue of Mitchell’s ITR include statistics on average appraisal values. Complete content is available in the latest Industry Trends Report, which may be downloaded in PDF format by visiting

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Mitchell International, a provider of information, workflow and performance management solutions to the collision claims and repair industries, has released the third quarter 2008 edition of its Industry Trends Report (ITR) — the company’s quarterly publication that highlights industry-related trends, news items and statistics. Mitchell began publishing the Industry Trends Report in 2001.

This edition’s Quarterly Feature, "The Average Severity of Hybrid versus Gas Vehicles," by Mitchell’s Senior Director, Information Services, Jamison Day, discusses the recent results of a study conducted by Mitchell that examines the differences in estimates and average severities between traditional, gasoline powered vehicles and their hybrid counterparts.

"The ever increasing gasoline prices have affected virtually every aspect of our economy, including increasing the demand for hybrid vehicles," said Day. "Given their increasing popularity, we thought it would be interesting to see how the hybrid’s average estimate amounts compared and explore what might be driving the differences."

Day commented further, saying, "Our study looked across different geographies and also drilled down into parts and labor dollar categories. We saw that hybrid severities were consistently higher across different states and found that both parts and labor costs were higher for the hybrid vehicle repairs."

The current issue of Mitchell’s ITR also includes information on the average Actual Cash Value of vehicles appraised for collision losses during Q2-2008 and the initial average gross appraisal value for comprehensive coverage estimates in Q2.

The Industry Trends Report may be downloaded in PDF format by visiting

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