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Michigan Governor Permits Manufacturers To Return

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order detailing what activities need to be suspended temporarily.


From MEMA Washington Insider

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The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association and its division, the Original Equipment Suppliers Association, thank Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for taking steps that will allow automotive suppliers to ramp up manufacturing in the state of Michigan. Last week, Michigan Gov. Whitmer issued an executive order detailing what activities need to be suspended temporarily to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In the order, Gretchen states that effective May 11, manufacturers in the state will be allowed to continue activities.

“…[W]orkers necessary to perform manufacturing activities,” the order states, “subject to the workplace safeguards described in section 11(k) of this order. Manufacturing work may not commence under this subsection until the facility at which the work will be performed has been prepared to follow the workplace safeguards described in section 11(k) of this order.”

In a statement released after the announcement of the orders, MEMA and OESA indicated they are grateful that the governor continues to make thoughtful and thorough decisions, based on input from medical experts as well as the automotive industry. “Her leadership will set an example for a return to manufacturing in Michigan as well as the rest of the country. Many of OESA’s 500-plus member companies have facilities in Michigan and are proud to be recognized as part of the Michigan manufacturing community,” the statement said.


“As the leading industry association representing motor vehicle suppliers, we are in daily contact with our member companies. We understand that a return to manufacturing requires the establishment of careful steps and protocols that will keep employees safe. We feel confident that what Governor Whitmer has outlined will ensure the safety and well-being of workers while allowing manufacturing of vital vehicle parts to continue.”




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