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MEYLE Expands Its 2020 Portfolio

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic MEYLE has expanded its range in various product groups.


As 2020 comes to an end, Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE has prepared a small overview of its range extensions from 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic MEYLE has expanded its range in various product groups.

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In order to offer perfectly matched brake components for as many different vehicles as possible, MEYLE strengthened its range of high-performance and reliable brake components and launched 140 new MEYLE brake discs and 100 new MEYLE brake pads – a large proportion of them in high-performance MEYLE-PD quality. And it continues: in 2021 MEYLE further strengthens the brake portfolio with reliable MEYLE-ORIGINAL and performance-oriented MEYLE-PD parts for the latest vehicles.

Wheel Hubs and Bearings  

As part of the range expansions, the range of MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel hubs and bearings has been extended this year by a total of 100 new items. The bearing’s shells & rolling elements inside the MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel hubs and bearings are made of high-quality roller bearing steel. This steel is characterized by high fracture toughness and extremely high corrosion resistance and is more wear resistant than conventional steel. In addition, MEYLE‑ORIGINAL wheel bearings use various high-performance greases which ensure low friction and high load capacity even under extreme conditions. Most references are supplied with high quality mounting material – so repair professionals have all the necessary parts at hand.

Water Pumps   

In the engine category, the Hamburg-based manufacturer expanded its range of MEYLE‑HD water pumps by five new references. The extremely hard wearing SiC/SiC mechanical seal has a particularly high resistance to abrasive contamination and thus ensures a longer service life. With now a total of 25 articles, almost 70 million vehicles worldwide can be covered. Independent workshops benefit not only from the product advantages but also from the 4-year warranty and the 100,000-mile guarantee on all MEYLE water pumps.


This year, there was particularly strong growth in the electronics sector: MELYE is expanding its range by a total of 500 parts and solutions. The focus is on MEYLE‑ORIGINAL-ABS sensors and product groups from the field of engine and exhaust management, such as crankshaft and camshaft position sensors, coolant temperature sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, exhaust pressure and exhaust gas temperature sensors as well as lambda sensors.

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