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MERA Unveils New Sustainable Manufacturing Symbol, Provides Update On Manufactured Again Certification At AAPEX

The Manufactured Again program now includes 27 companies, with a total of 58 certified facilities worldwide.


Last week at AAPEX, John Chalifoux, president of MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing, introduced the association’s new symbol for sustainable manufacturing to association members, guests and members of the media.


“As many of you know, this year, we changed our brand descriptor,” said Chalifoux. “We’re still MERA, but we’re MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing. We did this to better reflect the vision of the organization and the position of our members in the marketplace. We did it to highlight the corporate social responsibility of manufacturing companies that produce high-quality goods – a second time – by reusing materials and conserving embodied energy in existing products.”

Chalifoux noted that regardless of the industry, when it comes to describing remanufactured products they all have one term in common, and it’s anchored in two words: sustainable manufacturing.


“We all know the 3 Rs of the environment: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And it’s captured in the recycling symbol that is known by all. As we continue our work to raise the awareness and acceptance of remanufacturing – to change the narrative, if you will – MERA and its members have added a 4th R (reman) to the discussion. As with the other Rs, reman minimizes the impact on the environment, but it should occur before we recycle: Reduce. Reuse. Reman. Recycle,” he said.

MERA says it has captured the essence of this with a new symbol for sustainable manufacturing. It is the recycling logo with one extra arrow. And this summer, MERA received a U.S. Trademark for the design.


Why the new logo? Chalifoux explains, “At MERA, we’re passionate about helping the perception of reman catch up with the reality. And we’re doing it with the facts on our side, and some good old-fashioned marketing.”

Also at the member and media briefing, Chalifoux gave an update on the association’s Manufactured Again Certification program, which recognizes remanufacturing facilities as manufacturing facilities, and it holds them to the same international quality standards. The program also promotes environmental stewardship, according to MERA.

Today, the Manufactured Again Certification program includes 27 companies and 58 certified facilities worldwide. The program includes many regional remanufacturers, but several of the program’s ambassadors are global companies. Together, the ambassadors have certified facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the EU, China, India and Malaysia.


Ambassadors exhibiting last week at AAPEX included:

  • Aeromotive
  • Alliant Power
  • Arnott
  • Axle Tech
  • BBB
  • Brake Parts Inc
  • LKQ
  • Motorcar Parts of America
  • Pure Power Technologies
  • REMY
  • Standard Motor Products
  • UCX Calipers