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MAHLE Motorsport Adds Porsche 911 2.7L – 2.9L Piston Kits

The two new piston kits pair perfectly with Nickies air cooled cylinders.


MAHLE Motorsport now offers two additional Porsche 911 2.7L based piston kits that pair perfectly with Nickies air cooled cylinders. One is a standard bore 90mm that retains the stock 2.7L displacement, and the second is a 93mm big bore piston + cylinder kit that equals 2.9L of displacement. Both piston + cylinder kits incorporate deeper valve reliefs to accommodate performance camshafts, while the big-bore 2.9L piston also has larger valve reliefs to accommodate bigger valves. Each combination is designed for unmatched durability for street or for SCCA and PCA legal race applications. 

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Forged from 2618 alloy in a slipper skirt style forging to reduce weight and friction, the pistons feature a true 10.3:1 compression ratio at 1mm deck clearance (9.8:1 with a 1.4mm clearance) and are dual-coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL coating for reduced drag and wear. The pistons also feature hard anodized top ring grooves for maximum durability to protect against micro-welding. The kit is complete with a steel 1.2mm top ring, 1.5mm 2nd and 3.0mm oil ring set, precision CNC machined bores, and heavy-duty tool steel wrist pins. 

MAHLE Motorsport, with its longstanding OE and race relationship with Porsche, has developed piston kits with a modern design and components that add up to increased power and durability. The modern ring sets are made from more durable materials and are dimensionally narrower and shorter to be more conformable, providing more consistent contact with the cylinders. The result is increased sealing and oil control, said the company. 

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s Porsche 911 2.9L + Nickie’s Kit, (part#PS90-003N & PS93-004N), visit, call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942 or watch this video.




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