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MAHLE Motorsport Adds BMW PowerPak Piston Kits

This shelf stock PowerPak Piston kit is specifically engineered for high horsepower applications.


Naturally aspirated or turbocharged, MAHLE Motorsport now provides BMW engine builders a solid choice to build power for 3.0L BMWs with the introduction of a PowerPak Piston Kit designed for either the BMW S55 or N55 engine. This shelf stock PowerPak Piston kit is specifically engineered for high horsepower applications — vehicles with nitrous or power adders that greatly increase boost pressures. 

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Manufactured from 2618 aluminum alloy recognized for its high temperature strength characteristics each piston is dual coated with a dry lubricant Phosphate coating and a GRAFAL skirt coating to reduce drag and wear by providing additional cushioning to absorb hard contact between the piston skirt and cylinder bore. Available either in the factory compression ratio 10.2:1 or 11:1 for the N55, the piston features larger valve pockets to accommodate up to +1.0mm larger valve diameters and has a 1mm deeper valve pocket for performance camshafts. 

A 1.0, 1.2, 2.8mm oil ring set is included in addition to heavy duty steel pins and Circlips. MAHLE’s new HV385 steel thin ring design delivers excellent ring-to-cylinder sealing with low mass and an extended RPM range without loss of ring stability. The top ring groove is hard anodized to protect against micro-welding. Both the top and second ring lands are optimized for higher piston speeds and boost pressure. 

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s BMW PowerPak Piston Kit for the 3.0L N55 or S55 engine, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942. 



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