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MAHLE Launches Video Warehouse

The MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. Video Warehouse offers a centralized digital platform that houses product and training videos.


MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. recently introduced the MAHLE Aftermarket Video Warehouse, a centralized digital platform that includes product and training videos related to all MAHLE Aftermarket products, services and educational tools. The easy-to-navigate platform is segmented into three key areas – parts, tools and equipment and e-learning. 

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“While all MAHLE Aftermarket video content remains available on the MAHLE Aftermarket YouTube channel, we felt it necessary to offer an easy-to-navigate platform for our loyal users, distributors and technicians, that was segmented into specific product areas with enhanced search functionality,” said Ted Hughes, director of Marketing, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “The MAHLE Aftermarket Video Warehouse is one central location where this detail can be located quickly and easily.” 

Five of the key products within the MAHLE Aftermarket portfolio – filtration, gaskets, engine, turbochargers and thermal management – are featured within the ‘Parts’ area of the video warehouse. While there, users can easily search for product, features and benefits, or technical and training content associated with the specific product line. The same set of detailed information on the full line of MAHLE Service Solutions shop equipment can be found by entering the ‘Tools & Equipment’ door to the video warehouse. Additionally, relevant key words or phrases can be entered into the search field for more specific content results. 

The Video Warehouse also includes a ‘door’ to access the MAHLE Aftermarket eLearning online product training, which includes a series of tutorials to provide valuable knowledge on MAHLE Aftermarket products. The courses are free and suitable for parts specialists, automotive students, engine builders, and general automotive enthusiasts. 


Access the MAHLE Aftermarket Video Warehouse by visiting