MAE Installs E-Mobility Dyno at University of Windsor

MAE Installs E-Mobility Dyno at University of Windsor

The MAE chassis dynamometer was a custom-built piece to meet the school’s requirements for research into EVs.

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE), an American manufacturer of quality testing equipment, including electric vehicle testing for research and development, has announced its most recent e-mobility dyno installation at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. 

The MAE-AWD-500-AC/EC-LEGACY-BG chassis dynamometer was a custom-built piece of testing equipment to meet the school’s requirements for research into electric vehicles, including BEV, PHEV, and FCEV. MAE was contacted because of the company’s significant background in designing and building custom testing equipment for a wide variety of vehicles.

The University of Windsor is regionally connected with the automotive industry and since 1996 has partnered with Stellaris to establish the Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC), home to some of the most innovative research and expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, autonomous and connected vehicles, sensors, sustainability, data and AI, supply chains, and greenhouse growing conditions.

Mustang says it has been a proud supporter of the training and education of future engineers and mechanics. Mustang’s testing equipment is used at a variety of universities and technical schools throughout the world. One such institution is the University of Windsor. When looking for a dynamometer as a training tool for its automotive technical school and for the research and development of the vehicles of the future, the university turned to Mustang Advanced Engineering for the right dyno for their needs. The product recommended is a dynamometer that could handle the torque and loading from a wide range of vehicles – from a performance vehicle to a large diesel truck to the high horsepower of an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla.

Some of the features and benefits of the MAE-AWD-500-AC/EC-LEGACY-BG dynamometer are:

  • Mechanically linked AWD Design;
  • Multiple AC Motor & EC PAU Size Combinations;;
  • Regeneration Testing with AC Motor;
  • Emissions & Hybrid Development;
  • Calibration & Certification;
  • Precision Inertia Simulation;
  • ABS Braking/ESC Skid Simulation;
  • Thermal Imaging & Vibration Analysis;
  • Battery Power Measurement Available;
  • SAE J2264 Road Load Derivations Compliant within +/-3-lbs nominal; and
  • Customizable software, data acquisition package to meet any need.

“MAE continues to supply dynamometers for both research and development of electric vehicles and also for the education market and University of Windsor is both of these,” said David Ganzhorn, vice president sales at Mustang Advanced Engineering. “And the school is getting the benefits of a certification grade chassis dynamometer at the fraction of the price.” 

For more information about the University of Windsor, visit

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