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LSI Chemical Welcomes Nigerian Distributor

Milemaster Integrated is now authorized to sell LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret consumer products in Nigeria.


LSI Chemical has announced a new international distributor partnership with Milemaster Integrated Services, to bring innovative chemical formulations and nano technology to serve multiple markets in Nigeria. 

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Milemaster Integrated Services provides services to upstream companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as additives and fuel conditioners to corporate organizations in the automotive, industrial, fuels, PowerGen, mining and marine markets. The company specializes in improving lubricant, petrol and diesel quality using cutting-edge formulas derived from nano technology. 

Milemaster Integrated is now authorized to sell LSI Chemical oil and fuel additives as well as the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret consumer products to the more than 200 million people in Nigeria. 


Ikenna Onyekwere, executive director at Milemaster Integrated Services, said, “At Milemaster Integrated Services, our business interests include providing automotive, industrial, petroleum, and power solutions. For more than 30 years we have strived to continuously identify solutions to improve engine performance and efficiency. Our main focus has remained engines and fuel delivery systems. And probably will remain that way.

“We have always been drawn to solutions that deliver value and generally upgrade our motoring and living experience. Our main goal is to improve and maintain equipment efficiency by deploying cutting-edge technologies that have the least impact to the environment. Having tried a significant number of oil and fuel products in the past, we can finally say we are at home with the offerings from LSI Chemical. It’s a good fit,” added Onyekwere. “Now we wish to extend this value countrywide. LSI products bridge an already existing gap in our fuels and lubricants range. The future is nano technology and the partner is definitely LSI.” 

LSI Chemical President Todd Cawley added, “In support of our global growth initiatives, we are very excited to partner with Milemaster Integrated Services. They have a strong, local presence in Nigeria, and an equally strong commitment to improving their local fuel and oil industry. This is an opportune moment for LSI Chemical to expand our reach in a burgeoning new market by developing innovative and cost-effective formulas for upstream use while also delivering proven performance oils and additives for retail.”




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