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‘Live’ From Leadership 2.0: Day 2

Today, Susan Dickson, president, Closs Tire & Auto, reports from Session II of Leadership 2.0 in Raleigh, North Carolina.


This week, in partnership with the University of the Aftermarket , we offer you a front row seat into the Leadership 2.0 experience thanks to participants in this year’s session. Leadership 2.0 is a two-week, residential aftermarket-focused education program hosted by The University of the Aftermarket at Northwood University. Today, we hear from Susan Dickson, president, Closs Tire & Auto. Dickson and other Leadership 2.0 participants have gathered in Raleigh, North Carolina, for Session II of this aftermarket executive education program.

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Ladies and gentleman start your engines: Today began the second session of the University of the Aftermarket’s Leadership 2.0 Class of 2021-22. We have many great participants all here to collaborate and learn more about the aftermarket and the dynamics of leadership. 

Our day started with Brian Cruickshank, our fearless leader, kicking off our daily roundtable discussion with the future of EVs in the aftermarket. It was interesting to hear everyone’s comments and views as to what hurdles the industry may face when transitioning to EV. Brian always brings great conversation to these roundtables. He engages us to reflect and learn from each other. This is a priceless moment for all. 


We were honored to have Dr. John Passante present on what he does best, effectively bringing people together in the work environment. Dr. Passante always delivers a topic that you can apply in your life and grow as a professional. He started the day talking about differences in work ethics and how to apply different perspectives to achieve a winning combination. He challenged us to be the new leaders in the aftermarket and gave us the “pyramid of knowledge” as a key reference. Trust is the foundation of how we can build on our leadership tools and grow. Apply that to your day. 


Dr. Frank Morgan spent the afternoon discussing leadership in group settings and the dynamics that affect groups. Even though the weather was 70 degrees in Raleigh, our topic was Subarctic Survival. The assignment had us evaluate a life-threating situation with an individual assessment vs. a team assessment. Our conclusion was that the team made better choices. That’s something for all of us to think about as we prepare for our group presentations at the end of the week.  



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