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LIQUI MOLY’s Ernst Prost Surprises Employees With Bonus

Prost said the bonus is a personal thank you and a farewell gift, as he will be retiring in a few weeks.


LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost announced a farewell gift of € 2000 performance bonus for 1,000 co-entrepreneurs, as a result of their hard work in 2021 helping LIQUI MOLY “succeed in continuing to fight its way to the top against all odds,” he says. The outgoing Prost and the future sole Managing Director Günter Hiermaier said they are honoring this fighting spirit with a surprise gift for the entire team.

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We did well and generated 20 percent growth. The entire team worked hard under difficult conditions. This is worth a gift from Mr. Hiermaier and me to everyone. Call it what you like. Whether corona hardship allowance, reward, performance bonus, or lovely share of the loot,” says Ernst Prost.

LIQUI MOLY reports € 122 million increase in sales during 2021 – and the revenue has also recovered, according to company management. “We are still waiting for the audit to be completed in February. It doesn’t look as outstanding as before corona, but it is very good in view of the situation,” adds Prost.


Each co-entrepreneur will receive the bonus, says the company. “From warehouse workers in South Africa to managing director of the subsidiary in North America. “If our team weren’t so fantastic, we wouldn’t have come through the crisis so well,” says Prost. He said he also sees the bonus as a personal “thank you” and a farewell gift, as he will be retiring in a few weeks.



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