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LIQUI MOLY Boosts Support For Emergency Services

The oil and additive specialist increases its product donation to 4 million euro.


The oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY is once again expanding its support for rescue services and relief workers to products now worth 4 million euro (about $4.5 million US). 

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“With the products we give away free of charge, we provide financial relief for numerous aid organizations so that they can procure other equally necessary equipment,” says Managing Director Ernst Prost.

To support rescue services, fire brigades and other first responders that are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus, LIQUI MOLY announced at the beginning of April that it would provide them with products worth 1 million euro. “We help with what we do best: oils, additives and other vehicle care products,” Ernst Prost said at the time.

Requests for help poured in from emergency forces not only in Germany, but from all over the world. The company says demand was so great it increased its aid package to 3 million euro. 

“We have now shipped products worth these three million euro. Down to the last cent,” said Prost. “Every day, we still receive numerous requests for free goods for fire engines or ambulances, for emergency vehicles, for mobile care services, meals on wheels, and many more … Should we really stop now? Should we not give the ‘late bloomers and stragglers’ anything more now?” 

No, he decided. Social responsibility is more important than maximizing profit in the year-end financial statements, said Prost, “The good cause is worth another million euro to us and we are hereby increasing our 3-million-euro product donation to make it a 4-million-euro product donation. All to help the helpers!”


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