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Leadership 2.0 Class of 2019-2020 Completes Program

Session II of the program was cancelled mid-March 2020, in the wake of global covid-related shutdowns.


After an 18-month delay related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Leadership 2.0 class of 2019-2020 completed the second half of the program and graduated. The class gathered virtually on Sept. 23 and 24 and then live and in-class in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Sept. 26-28. 


The class had not seen one another since Session I, which was held in August 2019 on Northwood University’s campus in Midland, Michigan. Session II was scheduled to take place in mid-March, 2020, but was abruptly cancelled in the wake of global covid-related shutdowns. 

The Leadership 2.0 Class of 2019-2020 includes: 

  • Sean Ayala, WM Automotive Warehouse
  • Shay Berthelson, ProntoNetwork
  • Anthony Boccio, Eastern Warehouse Distributors 
  • Damon Chang, Dorman Products 
  • Terry Collins, Auto Wares
  • Tim Cox, XL Parts
  • Jonny Dykstra, Auto Wares 
  • Ben Epstein, NGK Spark Plugs 
  • Saul Felix, Undercar Plus 
  • Dena Ganje, My Mechanic 
  • Liz Goad, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association 
  • Chris Hartman, ProntoNetwork
  • Dan Hartman, Ross Automotive Supply
  • Steve Hedberg, DRiV 
  • Andrew Hoelter, Motorad
  • Chad Keel, O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Dena Lamar, Advance Auto Parts
  • Jennivine Leung, Wells Vehicle Electronics 
  • Ray Lopez, DRiV
  • Daniel Maciej, Automotive Parts Headquarters 
  • Stacey Miller, Auto Care Association
  • Meagan Moody, ZF Aftermarket
  • Philip Moore, Federated Auto Parts
  • Ryan Moore, O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Miles Musselman, Dorman Products
  • Gisele Patry, Advance Auto Parts
  • John Perez, Amalie Oil Co.
  • Cheryl Petrishin, ITW Global Brands
  • Stefanie Peymann, Standard Motor Products 
  • Oscar Pinto, Dorman Products
  • Jeremy Pitner, Wigul Automotive Clinic
  • Nick Prince, Dytech Auto Group 
  • Dustin Reaves, Walker Auto Stores 
  • Daniel Romero, Continental
  • Nicole Ryan, CRP Industries
  • Ron Smith, Smith’s Service Center 
  • Mark Swetich, Dana Inc. 
  • Michael Tanner, Auto Care Association 
  • Troy Todd, Standard Motor Products 
  • Rusty Waples, ITW Global Brands 
  • Jesse Welch, Mann & Hummel 
  • Logan Yordanich, Dana Inc. 
  • Nora Zeng, Trakmotive 

Leadership 2.0, a two-week, residential aftermarket-focused education program, is designed to develop the leadership and business skills of the next generation of visionary industry professionals. During each session, instructors blend decades of senior aftermarket experience with MBA-level instruction from Northwood University’s DeVos Graduate School of Management faculty. The program includes discussion on industry trends and market analysis, debate of new challenges and competitive strategies, skills training in team and individual leadership, insight into supply-chain solutions and other critical issues facing the industry. 


Significant financial support comes from the generosity of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation and the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association. Participants receive 7.0 credits toward completion of their Automotive Aftermarket Professional (AAP) or Master Automotive Aftermarket Professional (MAAP) designations. 

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