KYB Americas Corp. Rolls Out New Promotions For The Fall

KYB Americas Corp. Rolls Out New Promotions For The Fall

The company announced the start of two fall marketing promotions: a VISA Card rewards promotion for the consumer, "Feeling is Believing," and an automotive service provider-targeted sweepstakes promotion, "Win With KYB."

KYB Americas Corp. announced the start of two fall marketing promotions: a VISA card rewards promotion for the consumer, “Feeling is Believing,” and an automotive service provider-targeted sweepstakes promotion, “Win With KYB.”

“Feeling is Believing” started Aug. 1 and will run through the end of September. It offers motorists a chance to receive up to $100 on a Visa Prepaid Card for qualifying purchases of KYB products. This marks the second time KYB conducted this promotion for this calendar year. Motorists in the U.S. and Canada are eligible. Visa Prepaid Card reward levels start at $40 for a pair of KYB Strut-Plus complete strut assemblies or four KYB Shocks or Struts. Motorists can earn $60 by purchasing a combination of two Strut-Plus with two struts or shocks. In addition, a $100 reward for the purchase of four KYB Strut-Plus complete assemblies.

“Win With KYB” also kicked off Aug. 1 and runs through the end of October. It offers automotive service provider shop owners an opportunity to win more than $60,000 worth of prizes, including KYB’s “Max Truck,” an F250 Super Duty equipped with MonoMax shocks. The KYB Max Truck is a 2015 3/4 ton diesel truck that has been upgraded with custom wheels, a KYB body wrap, tires, bumpers and many very cool accessories. The truck was chosen as a prize this year to bring attention to KYB’s comprehensive monotube Gas-a-Just and MonoMax truck product lineups. These two product lineups offer truck and SUV enthusiasts two opportunities to increase their vehicle’s control and handling performance based on how they use the truck.

Shop owners can enter “Win With KYB” by logging on to and registering their information. In addition to the KYB Max Truck, shop owners can win a set of shocks or struts for their own vehicle, or KYB apparel.

“Every year, we think strategically on how we can leverage our marketing and promotional activities to create exposure to our product and category,” said Mac McGovern, KYB marketing and training director. “By offering promotions that target several different levels in the distribution channel, we are helping our customer partners sell more parts. Our programs also create an opportunity to open a conversation with motorists and service providers on vehicle safety, handling and control benefits of ride control replacement.”

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