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Keystone Automotive Welcomes Nolathane

Nolathane is now available for a broad range of vehicles in North America.


Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. welcomes Nolathane, a longstanding Australian-owned supplier of suspension servicing solutions under the Redranger family of brands, to its Performance Handling category.

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Founded in 1974, Nolathane cut its teeth in motorsports, manufacturing brass bushings for vehicles competing in hill climb events. Over the years, the company’s product line evolved to softer formulations and now includes synthetic elastomer suspension bushings, alignment correction products, complete suspension arms, and vehicle enhancement kits. With more than 45 years’ success in the Australasian market, Nolathane is now available for a broad range of vehicles in North America.

“One of the things I love about working with Nolathane is that they don’t stop with their R&D,” said ex Super Car driver and current company spokesman, Mark Larkham. “You know when you’re buying products from Nolathane that you’re buying from a company that’s rich in history, that has learned — has listened to the market — and is now exceeding market expectations.”


With the global Automotive Bushing Market expected to be worth more than $175 billion by 2025, with bushings used for suspension system applications taking the largest market share, retailers and installers must turn to trusted products to remain competitive. Built on a reputation for quality, Nolathane suspension solutions are application-engineered to last longer, perform better, install easier, and most importantly, remain affordable, said the company.

“Nolathane’s wide variety of suspension bushings and components offer a superior alternative to OE replacements, making them great go-to product for customers seeking suspension upgrades — especially for the ever-growing number of SUVs, Jeeps, and pickups on the market,” said Brick Spurio, Keystone category manager. “Nolathane’s innovative technology and quality engineering allow for any vehicle to experience a far greater range of articulation and handling, whether you’re off-roading or on your daily commute.”