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Keystone Automotive Operations Welcomes Stowe Cargo Systems

Stowe Cargo Systems are engineered and custom-designed to fit most Ford, GMC, Chevy and Dodge RAM truck models.


Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. welcomes Stowe Cargo Systems to its Truck Bed and Cargo Management categories. Founded in 2008, Stowe Cargo Systems is an integrated cargo management system, engineered and custom-designed to fit most Ford, GMC, Chevy and Dodge RAM truck models.

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Manufactured in Davisburg, Michigan, Stowe’s cargo solutions provide users with vehicle protection and peace of mind. According to the company, customers can confidently store tools and other valuable items in the truck bed, knowing that Stowe’s products are made with high-strength composite sandwich panels and aluminum frame construction to ensure security.

“Stowe Cargo Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured by American automotive engineers who knew there had to be a better way,” said the company. “While you can cover the bed of your truck and store your gear, tools and other valuables in any other type of toolbox, Stowe provides you the only cargo management system that seamlessly integrates both a secure but easily accessible bed cover, with a convenient and functional strong box.”

Stowe Cargo Systems’ dedication to product quality, convenience and security makes the company a welcome addition to the Keystone family. In turn, the distributor’s retail outlets, educated staff and reputable name will help expand Stowe’s brand awareness in the automotive aftermarket, opening the company to exciting new business opportunities and customers.

“Stowe Cargo Systems are a unique solution for a wide variety of truck owners,” says Andy Morgan, category director for Keystone Automotive Operations. “As consumers are consistently looking for products that both add to their vehicle’s utility and leverage space, we think Stowe Cargo is a great option for many truck owners. Innovative design along with Keystone’s truck delivery should fit very well together. We are excited for this line and hope customers are too.”




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