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Keystone Automotive Operations Welcomes Scosche Industries

Scosche is a multi-generation, family-owned company specializing in mobile electronics and automotive accessories.


Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. welcomes Scosche Industries Inc. to its Mobile Electronics category. 

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Scosche Industries Inc. is a multi-generation, family-owned and operated company that specializes in innovative mobile electronics and automotive accessories. Based in Southern California, what began as a small car audio consulting business has now grown into a global company that serves more than 50 countries with more than 4,000 unique products. Boasting more than 400 patents/trademarks and multiple industry awards, Scosche is an established player in the lifestyle tech industry.

The Scosche product line consists of a wide variety of accessories, including mobile cell mounts and chargers, portable jump starters, dash cams, health and fitness monitors, powersports equipment, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Popular products include the MagicMount, a multi-award-winning line of magnetic mobile device mounts; the Rhythm24, a waterproof armband heart rate monitor; and the boomBOTTLE, a creative family of portable speakers slim enough to fit in water bottle cages and cup holders.


The company has exhibited at every Consumer Electronics Show (CES) since 1984 and, at this year’s event, launched more than 150 new consumer technology and connected car products including the BaseLynx Modular Charging Station, NEXS2 Smart Dual Dash Camera, nine different telescoping phone mounts, and six new models of 2-in-1 phone mounts/air fresheners. 

With 40 years of innovative spirit and dynamic perspective, Scosche Industries anticipates and responds to ever-changing consumer trends and technological advancements. Partnering with Keystone will ensure the company continues to produce cutting-edge lifestyle accessories at a competitive price.

“As digital electronics and mobile connectivity become an ever-growing part of our lives, it’s important that we be able to offer customers user-friendly products that will enhance the quality and safety of their daily driving experiences. Having an award-winning innovator like Scosche in our lineup is a true asset,” says Keystone Category Manager Scott Percival.



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