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Keystone Automotive Operations Adds Smart LLC – ‘Chemical Guys’ To Product Lineup

Specializing in high-quality car care chemicals, accessories and tools, Chemical Guys prides itself on developing innovative and easy-to-use products in an ever-changing industry.


Keystone Automotive Operations has added Chemical Guys, a worldwide leader in the detailing and car care industry, to its chemical & tool category. Specializing in high-quality car care chemicals, accessories and tools, Chemical Guys prides itself on developing innovative and easy-to-use products in an ever-changing industry. In addition, the company’s focus on providing a robust educational platform for enthusiasts and professionals alike has allowed it to grow exponentially since its founding in 1998.

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With a variety of detailing products for cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and boats, Chemical Guys products are now sold in more than 50 countries. Unique new additions to the product lineup include:

HYDROSLICK, a ceramic coating hyperwax that shines glass, glossy-painted wheels, chrome, and headlights while also protecting against UV rays, the elements, industrial fallout, and more.

MOM’S POUND CAKE AIR FRESHENER,an odor-destroying car freshener with scent overtones of buttered sugar, vanilla, and citrus reminiscent of “Mom’s special cooking.”

MR. SPRAYER, a full-function atomizer and pump sprayer that delivers a fine mist of product without any water hoses, buckets, power cords, or tiring of fingers. “Simply prime the pump, adjust the nozzle from fine mist to jet stream and get spraying for your quickest and easiest detail ever,” explains the company.

Sharing a Passion for Shine

In addition to a diverse and thorough product catalog, which includes cleansers, protectants, car wash accessories, comprehensive starter kits, restoration kits, and more, Chemical Guys also offers hundreds of instructional how-to videos on its website and YouTube channel, as well as in-depth classroom training through its Smart Detailing University (SDU), a 46,000-square-foot learning facility at its headquarters in Southern California.


With a curriculum that explores all aspects of auto detailing and reconditioning, the vocational school also provides students with valuable business development skills, through seminars on marketing and communication. Employing small class sizes to promote one-on-one interaction and student engagement, SDU is staffed by successful business professionals with real-world experience. The university also offers a mentorship program to ensure that students have ongoing support throughout their professional journey.

New Opportunities

Chemical Guy’s commitment to solving problems rather than just crafting formulas has served it well, according to Keystone. Partnering with Keystone will allow the company to access new customers and business opportunities within the automotive aftermarket, building its brand awareness and sharing its “passion for shine.”

“Vehicle owners, and enthusiasts especially, are taking their car cleaning to an entirely new level these days. We aren’t just simply applying a quick shot of tire shine or wiping down a dash anymore; rather, we are using foam cannons and the two-bucket wash method,” said Dave Burke, category manager. “Chemical Guys is really driving a fantastic culture around car care, and I believe this is generating a genuine level of excitement within the car and truck community—everyone wants to look their best when driving his or her build.”




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