JNPSoft OptiCat, MEMA Form Strategic Partnership   

JNPSoft OptiCat, MEMA Form Strategic Partnership   

MEMA and JNPSoft OptiCat share the same vision of providing effective solutions for the heavy-duty industry.

JNPSoft OptiCat and MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers announced a new strategic partnership, one they say will offer unique incentives on JNPSoft OptiCat licensed products, and access to resources and trade information for new members of the MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers, the companies say.

“MEMA is excited to provide exclusive benefits for new members,” said Collin Shaw, chief commercial vehicle officer, MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association. “As part of the value proposition new members will have access to industry leading products and consulting services of JNPSoft OptiCat at a discounted price.”  

“MEMA Aftermarket combines the access, legislative and networking support required to be successful in this industry,” said Blake Barson, director data service and national.  “We look forward to welcoming new members and helping them sell more parts.” 

MEMA and JNPSoft OptiCat say they share the same vision of improving the flow of information available and provide effective solutions to the heavy-duty industry. To encourage membership to MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers, JNPSoft OptiCat says it will provide discounts on subscription products and consulting services to commercial vehicle suppliers as an immediate benefit, along with unique solutions to address the industry challenges of cataloguing and product data for commercial vehicles. “The discounts, training and support will significantly help suppliers’ product information to be collected and improved for eCommerce applications,” JNPSoft OptiCat adds.

For more information, contact Blake Barson at JNPSoft/OptiCat at [email protected] and Collin Shaw from MEMA at [email protected].  

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