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Jack Roush, Valvoline Collaborate on New High Performance Motor Oil Line


LIVONIA , Mich. Racing notable Jack Roush has partnered with Valvoline to create Roush Motor Oil, “the ultimate engine elixir for performance vehicles.”

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Roush Fenway Racing exclusively uses Valvoline oil in its stock cars for its quality and performance, and now it wants to work to improve the oil used in high-performance street engines. The end result is Roush Motor Oil, a line of six new motor oils for performance vehicles old and new.

“Any brand of inexpensive motor oil might work fine for the average consumer, but owners of high performance vehicles are extremely proud of their cars and are willing to do whatever is necessary to maximize their driving experience and take care of their investment,” Roush said. “That includes demanding a premium motor oil to protect the engine, help get the most horsepower, as well as to enable the engine to run cooler. The technicians at Valvoline have helped me to create Roush Motor Oil, which I believe is the most advanced lubricant on the market today, and will become the motor oil of choice for those who claim that ‘good’ isn’t good enough for their car.”


The six blends will be sold by the quart for a suggested retail price of $7.99 each.

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