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Introducing The Dorman Virtual Tour

The tour allows users to explore Dorman’s story however they choose and is filled with videos and interactive multimedia.


Dorman Products, Inc. has a distinct approach to developing new automotive repair solutions. Its diverse catalog includes more than 80,000 products, covering most areas of the vehicle, with hundreds of new exclusive releases every year.

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As a result, it’s tough to understand the full scope of what Dorman does.

“For years, whenever we would give customers tours of our headquarters, they would be shocked at our expertise and scale,” said Kevin Olsen, Dorman’s president and CEO. “Almost every single visitor would say the same thing: ‘I had no idea you did all this.’”

To showcase its capabilities and bring this same experience to everyone, Dorman has created a dynamic, multi-media microsite called the Dorman Virtual Tour. Found at, it provides a compelling overview of Dorman’s pioneering history, creative methods for identifying repair needs, rigorous engineering and manufacturing standards, impressive scale as a market leader, and deep investment in technology and complex electronics.

“While we’re more than a century old and have long been leaders in growing the automotive aftermarket, we still feel that much of the amazing work our people do has been something of a best-kept secret,” said Jeff Darby, senior VP of sales and marketing. “We of course can’t expect every customer to visit our facilities in person, so we decided to bring the tour to our customers.”


The tour is designed to allow users to explore Dorman’s story however they choose and is filled with videos and interactive multimedia.

For instance, you can watch a quick video highlighting Dorman’s engineering and manufacturing capability or view a half-dozen videos and interactive elements, including a 360-degree visit to Dorman’s garage used to perform product validation. You could also browse the hundreds of part categories that make up Dorman’s catalog, or learn about some of the new technologies Dorman is developing.

Because Dorman also has a culture of empowerment, every part of the Virtual Tour was created by Dorman’s employees – no agencies or actors – from all the people speaking and seen on-screen in the videos, to all the people involved in designing and developing the experience.

“Everything about this Virtual Tour highlights what sets Dorman apart, which is why we are so excited to finally share this digital experience for the first time,” Darby said.

The Dorman Virtual Tour is expected to be updated as Dorman continues to evolve and grow. In addition to being found directly at, users can find a link for it anywhere in the main header and footer navigation of the website. It is also being promoted and linked through Dorman’s social media accounts, including at, on Instagram at @DormanProducts, and on LinkedIn at Subscribers to Dorman’s email newsletters will see it linked in upcoming editions as well.




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