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Intercultural Business Skills In France

In this audio interview from Global Business Professor, Julia Gaspar-Bates, senior consultant at Berlitz, tackles questions about doing business with the French, and what are the main business challenges Americans might face.


Global Business Professor’s latest audio interview, “Intercultural Business Skills in France,” features Julia Gaspar-Bates, senior consultant at Berlitz. She’s been with the company for 15 years.

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In the 10-minute audio interview, Gaspar-Bates discusses and answers these questions:

  • What are the main business challenges Americans might anticipate working with the French?
  • What are the most important factors to consider when building a relationship with a potential French customer?
  • Decision-making practices differ greatly from one culture to the next. How would the French typically make decisions?
  • What are some tips you would give an American wanting to do business with the French?

Gaspar-Bates, M.A., is a certified cross-cultural trainer and consultant who works with individuals and groups from the U.S. and abroad to facilitate the challenges of working and communicating across cultures.

Gaspar-Bates brings a wealth of personal, professional and educational experience to her work. With nearly 30 years experience working in international business and educational environments, Gaspar-Bates began her career working and consulting for a variety of companies and organizations doing global account management, international market research, product development and translation/interpretation. In her current role as an intercultural consultant, Gaspar-Bates has designed and delivered customized training programs and seminars for thousands of executives, students and educators, military personnel and governmental and non-governmental workers from around the world. She has delivered workshops on four continents in multiple foreign languages focusing on more than a dozen cultures.


A few of her varied projects include working with a French multinational corporation to help strategize its needs for global training, designing a customized workshop to be rolled-out in 80 countries and designing and delivering train-the-trainers workshops globally to in-house staff; consulting with the United States Air Force to teach online courses to increase the cultural competence of service members stationed around the world and subsequently helping re-design the course curriculum, and delivering customized workshops on unconscious bias for stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Gaspar-Bates acts an as adviser to the World Bank to further develop its intercultural programing.

Gaspar-Bates has been an adjunct professor at The George Washington University since 2007, where she teaches a graduate-level course titled “Designing and Implementing Cross-Cultural Training Programs” and also has taught at University of Maryland.

She served as Executive Coordinator for SIETAR’s (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Washington, D.C., chapter from 2007-’10, co-chaired the SIETAR USA Annual Conference in 2013 and currently serves on SIETAR USA’s board of directors. She is an active member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Washington, D.C. She frequently presents on intercultural topics at conferences and for professional groups. Gaspar-Bates also writes a column for the Hyattsville Life & Times newspaper, entitled “Cultural Connections.”



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