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IPG Launches Aftermarket Technology Platform

Installed Parts Group has launched its new IPG Direct Connect Technology Platform in conjunction with ATD.


Installed Parts Group (IPG) has announced the launch of its new IPG Direct Connect Technology Platform in conjunction with American Tire Distributors (ATD). IPG has worked with ATD for more than 13 years helping their franchisees and customers buy auto parts from multiple supply partners more efficiently by offering a consolidated rebate and rewards program.  

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The new IPG Direct Connect Technology Platform system delivers information and added value for all IPG partners in the supply chain. IPG collects detailed purchase data between participating auto part supply partners and ATD shop members. This transaction data is stored within IPG’s data warehouse where it is used to calculate rebates as well as generate dashboards that include key indicators, trend lines and custom reporting for multiple ATD programs. 

ATD has found these dashboards to be extremely valuable to their business. “Our Tire Pros franchisees, Activate, and Service Bay members represent more than $1 Billion in auto parts purchases annually,” said Brent Nix, director of Tire Pros Franchise Operations. “With IPG’s technology and parts programs, our sales teams can sit down with a customer and show them how they can be more profitable. IPG and their industry experience helps us deliver real value to our customers.  


IPG also focuses on the participating supply partners to help them sell more and be a better partner to the ATD customer base. “We work with the supply partners daily to help them be more efficient and maximize sales to the ATD customer base. We provide custom mapping, training, and field support, to help grow their sales” said Gary Bean, president and CEO of IPG.  “Our goal is to add value to every stakeholder in the supply chain, which includes program sponsor partners like ATD, the repair shop members, and the auto parts supply partners.  When that happens, everyone wins, and we call that the IPG Trifecta.”     


Each of the 25,000 plus shops in the ATD network have their own custom dashboard where they can monitor purchases, rebates, and rewards from multiple supply partners in one place. 

“Like most shop owners I am busy managing my employees and customers. Now with a quick review of our shop dashboard, I can see where we can improve our profitability, whether we are hitting certain thresholds or increasing online purchases,” said Justin Dobson, with Same Day Tire Pros in Tulsa, Oklahoma. IPG is also adding additional resources to the dashboard such as training from manufacturers as well as a dedicated section on the growing electric vehicle market.  


“Just about every automotive repair shop relies on multiple parts suppliers to run their business effectively. Pricing, rebates, and service can vary widely between suppliers,” said Bean. “Our goal is to help repair shops develop the most profitable mix of pricing and service while also helping the parts suppliers build better relationships and sell more efficiently. When that happens, repair shops become more profitable and the entire aftermarket gains because healthy repair shops bring growth for the entire industry.”