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INFICON Introduces Line Of Aftermarket Leak Detectors

Refrigerant and forming gas leak detectors use infrared and surface reaction sensors.


Using 50 years of proven technology, INFICON has introduced the new Automotive Service Tools (AST) line, dedicated to automotive service and repair. From the entry-level AST100 to the feature-rich AST300PPM leak detector, this line provides a leak testing solution for all automotive aftermarket technicians. 

The new INFICON AST line is designed for leak detection in any automotive air conditioning system, from R134a and R1234yf to CO2 and hydrogen forming gas applications. All AST tools include a UV inspection light to help verify the leak source in systems where fluorescent dye is present. AST300PPM and AST200IR are certified to both SAE J2791 and SAE J2913 requirements and include a quick check refrigerant gauge to verify refrigerant levels in an R1234yf system.   

AST300PPM helps technicians identify the relative size of leaks by providing concentration in a PPM (parts per million) display. AST300PPM and AST200IR include a new, easy-to-change infrared sensor, which can accurately detect both R134a and R1234yf and will not lose sensitivity over time. Both units are also compatible with an optional sensor for CO2 applications. The quick charging lithium ion battery enables these units to run up to 10 hours without interruption. For added user confidence, AST300PPM and AST200IR are backed by INFICON’s 2-year warranty. 

AST100 is well-suited for any technician looking to detect R134a and R1234yf leaks. Using INFICON’s proven heated diode sensor, AST100 has a sensitivity of 2g/year to R134a.The rugged and durable AST100 run for up to 16 hours on two D-cell batteries and is backed by a 2-year warranty. 

The intrinsically safe AST100FG gives technicians the ability to save money by using forming gas (95%/5% nitrogen/hydrogen) while reducing environmental impact compared to leak checking with traditional refrigerant.   AST100FG is sensitive enough to find leaks as small as 7g/year (R134a equivalent). Powered by 2 D-cell batteries for up to 25 hours, AST100FG is a multi-functional tool that can be used to find leaks in fuel systems for gasoline, hydrogen, liquid natural gas, or propane powered vehicles. AST100FG is backed by INFICON’s extended 3-year warranty. 

 For more information, visit: inficon.com