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Immigration And Compliance For Global Companies

In this audio interview from Global Business Professor, Carolina Rojas-Newman, president, global immigration, at MSI Global Talent Solutions, addresses what can be some of the biggest immigration issues global companies face today.


Global Business Professor’s latest audio interview, “Immigration and Compliance for Global Companies,” features Carolina Rojas-Newman, president, global immigration, at MSI Global Talent Solutions.

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In the 17-minute audio interview, Rojas-Newman discusses:

  • What are the biggest immigration issues global companies face today and how have these challenges changed over the past few years? What’s behind these changes?
  • To what extent are these issues impacting the ability of companies to meet their business goals?
  • How are companies successfully handling these? What are some best practices?
  • What are some of the issues/challenges you see going forward? How can companies take steps to mitigate these?
  • Business travel tracking: What is this? And why is it needed?
  • Growing compliance risks and costs, and duty of care: How does it work?
  • So, does tracking of business travelers to this degree infringe on their privacy in any way?
  • Beyond providing tracking for the areas noted, does this have any other benefits or uses?

As president, Global Immigration, Rojas-Newman is responsible for strategic direction and management of MSI’s global immigration division, including business travel. She has approximately 20 years of experience in building strong global partnerships focused on employment-based immigration processing, international expatriate assignments, business travel services and employee relations. Her capabilities also include managing/coordinating teams in approximately 150 countries to facilitate immigration benefits and travel compliance for foreign national employees.


Prior to MSI, Rojas-Newman held senior roles at HRS Relocation International and SRS Immigration. She is a graduate of Instituto Universitario Antonio Jose de Sucre, and is fluent in Spanish and English.