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Hy-Tek Introduces ECOMPLETE

ECOMPLETE helps auto parts companies and retail stores improve existing ecommerce platforms.


Hy-Tek Material Handling, Inc. and its Johnson Stephens Consulting (JSC) division recently introduced ECOMPLETE, a comprehensive solution that helps auto parts companies and retail stores improve existing ecommerce platforms or enter into ecommerce for the first time. A one-stop shop for ecommerce components, ECOMPLETE takes online auto parts sales from click to ship and everything in between.


“COVID-19 has exposed auto parts companies whose outmoded or nonexistent ecommerce capabilities prevent them from selling to quarantined consumers. Hy-Tek designed ECOMPLETE, which integrates with the company’s technology to get products online, out the door and into buyers’ hands quickly,” said Sam Grooms, CEO of Hy-Tek.

ECOMPLETE’s predesigned, pre-engineered modular approach gives auto parts companies the flexibility to select only the components they need. Modules include facility acquisition, order management, warehouse management, material handling equipment, and operational readiness and support, among others. For companies with no ecommerce presence, webstore shopping cart systems are available.

“ECOMPLETE is designed to support ecommerce success during the pandemic and long after business returns to normal. From implementation through finish, ECOMPLETE takes a fraction of the time traditional projects require, accelerating the seller’s ability to provide or enhance ecommerce operations,” said JSC Managing Principal Sandy Stephens.



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