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Howell EFI Announces 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, Matt and Bill Howell saw an opportunity to develop wiring harnesses that would allow a simpler conversion to electronic fuel injection, especially in older pre-computer vehicles.


Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan was still president until the November election when George H.W. Bush took the helm, the Liberal Democrat party was formed in the U.K., and Volkswagen closed the Westmoreland Assembly Plant (first factory build by a non-American automaker in the U.S.). It is also the same year that co-owners Matt and Bill Howell opened their doors for business in Detroit. Electronic fuel injection (EFI) was the rage, especially in the hot rod, street rod and 4-wheel drive markets. Matt and Bill saw an opportunity to develop wiring harnesses that would allow a simpler conversion to EFI, especially in older pre-computer vehicles.

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Today, the company offers an extensive line of stand-alone and integrated wiring harnesses to adapt late model GM V-8 or 4.3L V-6 engines to any vehicle, making it possible for installers with limited electronics experience to add fuel injection to most any chassis.

In 1998, Howell EFI began to offer complete throttle body and multi-port fuel injection systems that combine proven GM electronic components with Howell wiring harnesses, for both two and four-barrel TBI and TPI units to update performance and fuel economy for muscle-era carbureted vehicles and 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles. Howell EFI is now recognized by Jeep owners as the go-to source for high-quality, emissions legal Jeep and AMC V8 TBI kits for the off-road market.


This year, Howell EFI launched a new website and multiple new products including 2014 and up EcoTec3 4.3L V6 LV3-C truck wiring harnesses, and now provides almost universal TBI coverage for any make and model V6 or V8 engine that uses ignition other than points.

Howell product categories include: LSX, Vortec/LS, Jeep, TBI, best sellers and 50 state legal products.

Matt Howell, president and co-owner, said, “This has been an incredible ride. I would like to say that it was uphill all the way, but with all businesses, there have been setbacks, slow times and missteps. Ultimately though, we have become known as the EFI Conversion Experts in the aftermarket, a title we take very seriously. We could not have reached this pinnacle without the people who first believed in our mission, the many employees over the years who contributed to our success and our customers and vendors. We look forward to what 2018 will bring as we celebrate our 30th.”