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Hot Shot’s Secret 2022 Motorsports Sponsorship Program Opens

Learn how to join Team Hot Shots.


Hot Shot’s Secret, one of the fastest-growing performance lubricant brands in the U.S. with more than 50 performance additives, fluids and oils on the market, has announced its 2022 Motorsports Sponsorship program. Team Hot Shots provides a unique opportunity to align with a performance lubricant brand that is getting the attention of the top motorsports teams from around the country. 


Kyle Fischer, Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI) director of branding and promotions, said, “Our motorsports sponsorship program is based on a working relationship with top racers, pullers and other competitors that have the desire, passion and time to advance the science of our lubricants. In reality, our sponsorship opportunities are limited, and this is largely due to how much time and resources we dedicate to working so closely with our sponsored teams and drivers, as opposed to other companies that simply sponsor from a distance.”

LSI invites motorsports teams that would like to serve as an ambassador for the Hot Shot’s Secret brand to visit to apply for sponsorship. Those selected for sponsorship will have the option to receive the following:


• Free and/or deeply discounted high-performance formulas

• Free and/or deeply discounted oil and/or fuel analysis

• Free and/or deeply discounted Hot Shot’s Secret swag

• Exclusive access to R&D testing of the latest lubricant technologies

• Opportunities for custom formulated products for your application

• Exclusive access to new products before being made available to the public

• Featured editorials on your vehicle through our various media outlets

• Promotional opportunities through interviews and video production

• Exclusive access to secret sales made available only to sponsored partners

• Exclusive independent dealer opportunities to generate revenue

According to LSI, the online application is simple to fill out and requests contact information, vehicle information including modifications, social media presence, race/win history, awards and press exposure, event schedule, current sponsors and information on lubricant brands now being used. 


To participate in the company’s Brand Ambassador program, Hot Shot’s Secret offers a custom coupon code that racers can promote to help bring awareness to the Hot Shot’s Secret brand. As an official Ambassador, the supplied custom coupon code can be used by the racer’s fans and followers for an online discount off Hot Shot’s Secret products. Each time a purchase is made with the racer’s custom coupon code, Brand Ambassadors will receive points that earn free products, merchandise and more. Points can also accumulate by completing promotional tasks in their Brand Ambassador dashboard.

Fischer adds, “Many of our race relationships have started in diesel motorsports, but we are looking at all opportunities that are presented via our online application process and we are excited to work with our existing and new ambassadors for our brand in 2022.”


For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret’s 2022 Motorsports Sponsorship Program, oil and fuel additives and oils, visit



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