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Have You Heard About The Buzz?

Stay tuned this afternoon for the inaugural issue of The Buzz, EV News from AMN.


Babcox Media’s newest brand, The Buzz, launches today, providing high-energy content focused solely on the current electric vehicle space, as adoption rates for these vehicles continue to grow in all areas of the automotive landscape.

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The Buzz is affiliated with aftermarketNews, but focuses on just one thing: EV news. The weekly e-newsletter will deliver the latest electric vehicle news and innovations by reporting on everything going on in the automotive space, the business side (including new market data and executive appointments) and the energies that actually power these vehicles.

The Buzz will help its audience understand where this emerging market is headed and how to evolve with it, as OE manufacturers and the aftermarket alike address issues like range anxiety, slow charging times and a lack of infrastructure. Through expert advice and market analysis on cars, heavy-duty trucking, charging and everything in between, The Buzz works to keep its audience informed in the latest happenings in the EV market.


As a Babcox Media brand, The Buzz is backed by a 100-year history of covering automotive topics like auto care, performance vehicles, trucking, powersports, enthusiast markets and more. Now, we’re delivering all the buzz on the emerging EV market, too.

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