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Hamaton To Launch TPMS Sensor Users Can Program To Phones

The app provides not one but two ways to configure and program U-Pro Hybrid NFC sensors.


 Hamaton returned to The SEMA Show to debut the next generation of its popular universal sensor brand – U-Pro. 

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The new U-Pro Hybrid NFC is the first universal sensor to adopt Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology in the North American automotive aftermarket. Hamaton has also developed an app* – coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play – enabling users to configure and program the said sensor with just a tap of their smartphone. 

NFC is a short-range wireless technology that allows compatible devices to communicate. It is the technology behind contactless cards and is found in most smartphones today. Most people will be familiar with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Similarly, these digital wallets use NFC to make quick and easy payments. 


NFC delivers rapid configuration – tapping takes under a second – and eliminates the risk of programming the wrong sensor. When combined with the free, easy-to-use app, it makes the perfect solution for DIYers, wheel assemblers and companies looking to capitalize on TPMS business opportunities. 

Users can either create a new ID or manually enter an existing OE sensor ID. The latter option will benefit users who want to keep the ID of an OE sensor to avoid relearning the vehicle. As established, the app offers a faster and more convenient experience. Nonetheless, it is important to note that it will be compatible with ATEQ manufactured TPMS tools too. 


Besides NFC, the U-Pro Hybrid NFC includes the same features as other sensors in the range, notably dual frequencies (315 MHz* and 433 MHz), high vehicle coverage and a dual valve option.