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GUEST COMMENTARY – Dick Cross: Your ‘Uber’ Weapon? Emulation!

Here's a surprise for many people in Jobs At The Top. You are the strongest force in your company! If you don't feel that way - you likely not doing your job well enough.

Here’s a surprise for many people in Jobs At The Top. 

You are the strongest force in your company! If you don’t feel that way – you likely not doing your job well enough.

But take heart. Most people aren’t, but can. Those who believe unquestionably in themselves, and in the nobility of what they’re trying to make happen, can.

This isn’t an argument about style. Because many different styles – as long as they are anchored in love of self and duty – work. From the “scorch the earth” gladiator, to the soft-spoken pacifist. It’s not your angle of attack that counts. It’s your own deep confidence in who you are. And, your unassailable belief in the goodness of your mission. Because those two attributes drive the degree to which the rest of your organization reflects and is inspired by your style, top-to-bottom.

Said differently, we’d all be better off if our business bookshelves were full of titles on “followership,” not leadership. Our Jobs At The Top are to demonstrate clear motivation and ideals for followers, and to weed out those who don’t fit. Cohesive organizations, regardless of style at the top, have power. Divided ones don’t.

How do you make your organization cohesive? By capitalizing on a common trait of human nature. 

The power of emulation!

People who work for you want two things: Clear signals of character at the top; and the inspiration to do something important – regardless of the style. If you’re unwavering on both of these fronts, the power of emulation just kicks in! Not only does it incite others to be like you, it also purges the outliers. Some will leave on their own. But when you help the reluctant, either to get on board fast, or move them out, your actions will be met with applause.

If that is not what’s going on in your organization, it’s because you’re wavering on one or both fronts. In either instance, the power of emulation, and the degree to which it’s working for you, is worth your conscious monitoring and attention. If it’s high, what’s gotten it there and how do you keep it? If not, where’s the flaw? Is it your confidence in yourself? Or are you wavering on your soulful commitment to your organization’s intention?

Also think about how much you love yourself. And what you are trying to get done in your now 30 minutes, alone, three times a week.

Are you worthy of emulation?

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