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Guest Commentary: A Day at the Races – Are You a Big Picture Person or a Nit Picker? Both Are Needed in Racing and in Business

Industry veteran and longtime Babcox contributor Dave Caracci gives us the latest installment in his summertime series of firsthand accounts of life at the track.


Following a long aftermarket career and his retirement from Bosch, Dave Caracci continues to serve the aftermarket industry as executive director of the National Engine Parts Manufacturers Association and as the chairman of the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium.

During my career in the automotive aftermarket, I encountered two types of managers: the “Big Picture” person who paid no attention to details, always looking at big issues for big gains, and the “Nit Picker” person, who often overlooked and missed the big gains, but absolutely maximized every little detail.  Caracci and

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Frankly, I was and still am a “Big Picture” guy and have succeeded in my career. But, I also realized years ago that my business teams needed the “Nit Pickers” and their attention to details to get the most out of my “Big Picture” gains.

I’ll bet the same is true in your business today, and as you’ll see reading the story of our six-hour sports car race in California last week, racing proves you still need both.

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Dave Caracci
Performance Tech Motorsports


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