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GRI Unveils Rubber Collection Centre And GREENX Circle

GRI officially opened a new natural rubber collection center on June 25 in the Monaragala District of Sri Lanka.


As part of its GREENX Circle initiative, GRI officially opened a new natural rubber collection center on June 25 in the Monaragala District of Sri Lanka to support local rubber tree planters. The collection center will enable rural farmers to earn fair value for their hard work and their pure natural rubber product.

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Sri Lanka’s unique geographical location, with its ideal climate and rich soil, makes it perfect for growing natural rubber trees. This distinctive natural rubber ensures exceptional quality and is used in all GRI’s tire manufacturing. GRI’s commitment to quality in its tire products begins from the careful selection of the finest raw materials to the finished product that leaves its factory.

“We are a company built on quality, authenticity and integrity. We will help the rural farming community to achieve their ambitions. The natural rubber sourced from smallholder rubber farmers in Sri Lanka to build our high-grade agriculture tires are fitted on the machinery of farmers across the world, creating a unique value chain which begins and ends from ‘Farmer to Farmer.’ This is a concept that GRI created and launched at Agritechnica as the GREENX Circle connecting rubber farmers from our motherland with farmers across the world,” said Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.

GRI says it will nurture this unique connection extending its stewardship to take great care of the communities in our wider eco-system. “Agriculture farmers feed the world and we see the interdependency of the three principal communities of the GREENX Circle: the rubber farmers, the GRI community, and the agriculture farmers whose produce we consume. We aim to unite farmers by underscoring the fact that farmers connect the world we live today. The opening of this new rubber collection center is an important step toward building our GREENX Circle,” said Dr. Ranasoma. 

The center also will be used as the meeting point for the rubber farmers belonging to the GREENX Circle to run regular forums on related topics as well as training programs.

Founded by Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, GRI is driven by a multi-talented team devoted to taking the company and the country to the world. “We aim to move humanity to make a positive impact on our planet. Our purpose is to inspire greatness,” said Mr. Subasinghe, managing director of GRI.


GRI produces radial agriculture tires, construction tires and material handling solid tires and has offices in nine countries, with sales in over fifty countries. GRI’s advanced new factory is the largest in Sri Lanka to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires in the country.



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