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Gold Eagle Co. Earns Lifetime Trustee Status with UAF

The UAF has awarded the company with the title following a sizable donation that will be used to further its mission.


The University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UAF) is naming Gold Eagle Co. as a lifetime trustee following a notable contribution from the private manufacturer. All capital donated by Gold Eagle Co. will be used to fund education programs, grants and research for the automotive aftermarket industry. 


As a family-owned business that produces, markets and sells automotive aftermarket products, Gold Eagle Co. is delighted to help UAF further its mission. CEO Marc Blackman will serve on the board of trustees for the foundation, where he will share his personal experience and passion for innovating within the vertical. 

“There is nothing more important to our industry than attracting great young minds who are passionate about the aftermarket,” said Blackman. “The University of the Aftermarket plays a critical role in educating the future leaders of our industry, and Gold Eagle is proud to be a part of supporting The University of the Aftermarket and the industry’s future.” 


In addition to innovation, Gold Eagle Co. emphasizes balance, commitment, customer focus, integrity, and quality. All six elements collectively represent the company’s core values, which have been a part of the business culture since opening its doors in 1932. 

“The speed of change is only accelerating, and our foundational values have kept us grounded as a company throughout our ninety-year history,” said Blackman. “It’s times like these where companies have to be innovative in all that they do.” 

Earning the lifetime trustee status with UAF is one way Gold Eagle Co. plans to invest in the future of the automotive aftermarket industry. The company says it is thrilled to provide financial resources that will aid scholarships and educational opportunities for the next generation of aftermarket professionals. 


“On behalf of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation, I want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone at Gold Eagle for this generous contribution,” said Bob Egan, UAF chairman. “We are pleased to welcome Marc to the UAF board of trustees and thank him for sharing his time and expertise to help the University of the Aftermarket Foundation provide scholarships and educational support to many talented individuals planning a career in our industry.” 

Now in its 90th year, Gold Eagle Co. says it will continue spending its time, effort, and resources to support similar causes. The private manufacturer believes it is critically important to invest in the people and ideas that will shape the future of automotive aftermarket products. 


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