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GMB Releases 238th New Part Of 2021

So far this year the auto parts manufacturer has released products to more than 130 million vehicles in operation.


GMB North America Inc., one of the largest global manufacturers and suppliers of OE and aftermarket automotive products, released 32 new parts in August, bringing the total number of new GMB auto parts released in 2021 to 238. The newly released parts include water pumps, fuel pumps, timing belt tensioners and more.

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In August alone, GMB released 28 new wheel bearing part numbers covering the 2015- Ford Escape, Edge, Expedition, F-450, Focus, as well as 2016- Chevrolet Camaro, Cruze and Spark among others. The new wheel bearings cover 40 million vehicles in operation (VIO).

“GMB has a long history of producing a variety of parts for a variety of fitments,” says Edward Gullans, senior product manager at GMB. “This year, despite challenges presented by COVID-19, our engineering and manufacturing team has pulled through to release more parts and expand into new categories faster than ever before.”

The high-pressure gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel pump is one especially noteworthy category released in May of this year. This product category is becoming more prevalent in newer vehicles with drivers more interested in fuel efficiency and meeting stricter emission standards.