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Global Automotive M&A: Why Brands are Vital for Success

Chris Bowers, CEO and agency principal, CMB Automotive Marketing, answers questions on this hot topic.

Advertisement’s latest Audio Interview “Global Automotive M&A Ventures and Why Brands are Vital for Success” features Chris Bowers, CEO and agency principal of CMB Automotive Marketing, and a global automotive marketing and communications expert. CMB is a global agency with offices in the U.K. and Detroit, Michigan in the U.S. He recently presented keynotes on global branding to the OESA and AASA automotive industry trade associations.


In this 12-minute audio interview, Bowers discusses these questions:

  • There’s no big secret that there has been, and continues to be, significant Merger and Acquisition activity in the global automotive industry. What is driving M&A ventures and why is this important from a brand perspective?
  • With all of the financial elements required to get right in a merger or acquisition, why do you feel that the brand is such an important factor and needs to take higher relevance for the deal?
  • Are there any impacts of branding from a global point of view?
  • What other impact can brands have on M&A ventures?
  • Do you have any recommendations on how to include branding as part of the M&A venture?

Click here to listen to the audio interview.



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