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FullSpeed Automotive Reveals New Store Model Concepts

Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil Change locations have been modernized with design and technology enhancements.


FullSpeed Automotive, one of the nation’s largest franchisors and operators of automotive aftermarket repair facilities and home to flagship brands Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service, is unveiling new store models that emphasize an enhanced customer experience while improving efficiency for franchisees who are driving nationwide expansion. FullSpeed says it continues to inch closer to its development goal of 1,000 units by the end of 2023. Beta tests of the new store models will begin this year and will roll out systemwide in 2023. 


The “Store of the Future” models were designed by renowned design firm Studio|H2G from Detroit, Michigan. These instantly identifiable façades help both brands stand out from the competition while featuring all new slogans: Done Fast. Done Right. (Grease Monkey) and Full Service. Total Trust. (SpeeDee). 

FullSpeed Automotive aims to bring its flagship brands to life via these new store models by ensuring that every touchpoint — digital and physical — creates a cohesive experience for customers. Key features of the new prototypes include new express lanes with a 15-minute stay-in-the-car model; clear and directional signage on the parking lot to bring ease to the consumer; all new comfortable lounge areas and patio seating with refreshments and entertainment for units that already provide additional services; plus, state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence that will educate, inform, and streamline the customer experience.  

“Our customers are looking for great service and high-quality care, and they want to feel comfortable and at ease when visiting our brands,” said Kevin Kormondy, CEO of FullSpeed Automotive. “Our new store designs offer all of that and more. We’re completely innovating the industry with an all-new look and feel while elevating the guest experience and providing fast but quality service. The design and guest experience communicate excellence, sophistication, and quality workmanship. We look forward to testing this year and rolling out systemwide at the start of 2023.” 


The new look is a departure from the typical design of many oil change facilities that are hard to differentiate, says FullSpeed. Square footage of the new models will vary depending on real estate as the model is extremely flexible to fit existing storefronts of varying sizes, but all new units coming out of the ground will consist of approximately 1200-1500 total square feet with three express bays. As land and construction costs continue to rise, the new models prove immensely valuable as they fit on smaller property sizes and are value engineered, drastically reducing costs. 

“While customer experience is at the forefront of every strategic decision, we anticipate the flexible, new store models to be a real source of attraction for eager and sophisticated franchisees who want to bring our brands to their region of choice across the U.S.,” said Ron Stilwell, chief development officer of FullSpeed Automotive. “When franchising, it’s critically important to ensure that the cost of [the] build works well with the economic model and provides a great ROI for years to come. We feel we’ve achieved that with these new prototypes, saving money and construction costs while maximizing operational efficiencies to drive franchisee profitability.”


FullSpeed Automotive is looking to bring on qualified and engaged individuals seeking single, multi-unit, and conversion opportunities. When franchisees invest with FullSpeed Automotive brands, they’re investing in an organization with a strong culture, solid systems, and proven business models backed with 70+ years of experience in providing quality car care in the industry. 

For more information on FullSpeed Automotive and the company’s flagship brands, visit and or call 800-364-0352.



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