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Foresight Successfully Completes Technological Demonstrations For Leading Vehicle Manufacturers And Tier 1 Suppliers In The U.S.

Demonstrations of the QuadSight vision system were performed in the Silicon Valley area and Detroit with the assistance and support of FLIR Systems.


Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd., an innovator in automotive vision systems, last week successfully completed a series of technological demonstrations of its QuadSight vision system in the United States for five leading vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and six Tier 1 suppliers. These demonstrations follow successful technological roadshows that were recently carried out in Japan and France.

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The current series of technological demonstrations was carried out in the Silicon Valley area and in Detroit, with the assistance and support of FLIR Systems, a world-leading industrial technology company focused on intelligent sensing solutions. During the Silicon Valley roadshow, Foresight also presented its QuadSight vision system at FLIR’s booth in the Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference in San Jose, California.

Foresight’s technological roadshows offer potential customers the chance to experience the company’s unique solution firsthand. The QuadSight system is tested in different predefined scenarios on the customer’s premises. According to the company, to date, the system has successfully achieved 100% obstacle detection in all simulated scenarios including fog, rain and extreme lighting conditions.


After witnessing the demonstrated performance of the QuadSight system, multiple American OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers expressed interest in purchasing prototypes of the QuadSight system for further evaluation.