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FNHI Announces Official Corporate Name Change to Worksport

To enhance the new name consolidation, Worksport said it also has been revamping its brand identity.


Worksport Ltd. (formerly Franchise Holdings International Ltd) announced it has successfully changed its business name to Worksport Ltd., with the state of Nevada – effective May 21. This is in response to its growing global brand recognition and overall brand growth strategy. The company has requested the stock symbol WKSP and is awaiting FINRA to approve the corporate action. Worksport manufacturers tonneau covers for the international light truck market.

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“We have made great strides to unify and develop Worksport as our brand,” said Worksport and FNHI CEO Steven Rossi. “Our vision is to expand Worksport on a global level, synonymous with innovation, legacy and strength. Replacing the FNHI symbol and Franchise Holdings name is only the first step in our continued growth and success.

“To protect the Worksport brand name and innovative products, we have a total of 28 assets in our intellectual property portfolio in varying stages between filed to issued,” Rossi added. “We will be updating shareholders and investors regarding additional trademark and patent milestones in the near term.”

To enhance the new name consolidation, Worksport said it also has been revamping its brand identity. The company is developing new media assets and online branding to match the new name change and identity. “Our forthcoming videos and photo assets will set a new standard in the light truck accessory market, with only the finest truck products,” Rossi said. “We will use the knowledge gained from our growth in 2019 to facilitate additional growth in 2020 and beyond. By putting the Worksport brand first, we aim to focus more on making the Worksport brand synonymous with innovation, sustainable and ethical growth.


As part of the branding upgrades and consolidation, Rossi said Worksport will be renaming its product line to better meet its branding vision. New product names include:

  • The Worksport Tri Fold becomes SC3
  • The Worksport Smart Fold is now the SC3Pro
  • The Worksport Quattro name has been changed to SC4
  • The Worksport Forte will be marketed as the TC3

Worksport will be announcing developments in the near future relating to a new website, media assets, a public offering, its sales and supply chain, the much anticipated TerraVis, and new IP assets.

“Things may appear quiet, but I assure you we have never been busier,” Rossi added. “With strong demand, we are working diligently on so many projects. Our quarterly report, name and symbol change, new site and media assets, organizing a forthcoming offering, and our TerraVis division near-term outlook is very positive.”



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